Monday, August 29, 2011

The Jumbled Box Bookmark Roundup, 28/08/2011

Not a great deal of new sites this week. A music streamer, some aeroplane seating guides and an esoteric, arty colour tool.


A free social  media discovery too that lets you play music and watch videos with your friends in real time. Create listening rooms with an international audience where you can chat about what's playing and vote up or down.

With a library of over 325 million songs and videos and filters for the most popular, most watched, and most discussed videos and playlists, you can easily search for videos, playlists and new users to follow.

tags: free web service sharing music social video facebook twitter

Next, while overlooking a workmates attempts to book some flights, I hooked onto a flurry of aeroplane seating sites like SeatGuru, SeatExpert, Best Plane Seat and Seatmaestro

These sites cover such things as seating plans for almost all of the world's airlines and aircraft, tips to have the best possible travel experience when you fly. You can find out which is the best row or side on just about any aircraft, how much room you'll get, what the inflight service is like, etc.

tags: travel transportation flight information airline

the color of

This is an attempt to find out the colour of anything by querying and aggregating image data from Flickr. It's an attempt at answering a potentially complex and abstract question in an objective manner, by using simple algorithms on data originating from subjective human perceptions.

All you need to do is enter a word, phrase, idea or concept and it'll return with its idea of a matching colour artwork for that, which you can actually buy if you want to.

tags: photo design art web free utility image

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Jumbled Box Bookmark Roundup, 21/8/11

Quite a few online writing aids this week, a price comparison site, a web photo slideshow and a book recommendation engine.


A free, online spelling and grammar checker for English configured to give results aimed at those learning English as a second language although you can turn that feature off. There are also sister sites for French and Spanish learners/speakers - BonPatron and SpanishChecker

tags: free web utility writing

Ginger Software

A publisher of grammar and spell checking software with free, online grammar checker, spelling checker and proofreading services.

tags: free web utility writing

Another free, online spelling, grammar and thesaurus checker. It even handles handles all four variations of English (Australian, British, Canadian and American) as well as over 20 other languages.

tags: free web utility writing

Paper Rater

Designed to help students improve their writing, this excellent free, online grammar and spelling checker, proofreader and plagiarism detector is well worth checking out.

tags: free web utility writing

After the Deadline

A free, open-source, online spelling, writing style and grammar checker with implementations as browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, plug-ins for WordPress and JQuery and as an extension for OpenOffice. You can even download and run the server software on your own installation if desired.

tags: freeware software web service writing


A UK online shopping deals and price comparison site covering most consumer goods. Has French, German, Australian and US sites too. Other, similar sites worth checking out are listed here.

tags: UK pricecomparison electrical electronic hardware accessory audio computing video home clothing photography usa germany france australia


A free web photo slideshow service to let you share your pictures more elegantly. Create your own viewing experience with custom themed backgrounds and music. You can also join your photo albums with your friends and produce social slide-shows.

It currently supports importing photos directly from your Facebook account and will soon include PicasaWeb, Flickr and Photobucket. The developers are also looking into enhancements like 3D imaging, de-blurring and sharpening, images comparison and more.

tags: photography free web service sharing gallery photo


A question and answer service where you are presented with a book or list of books that are deemed best able to answer your question. In effect, it's a book recommendation service that connects questions with books that answer them. It also defines books with questions they answer well.

tags: book literature search web utility

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jumbled Box Bookmark Roundup - 14/8/2011

This week, we have a few useful book/e-book oriented sites, a utility to find lost or stolen cameras and a general information site.
tags: book pricecomparison uk

A useful book price-comparison service that searches the UK's online book stores to allow you to find the cheapest supplier.

Click here for over 20 similar sites.

GadgetTrak Camera Serial Search
tags: web service free photography hardware security

Lost your digital camera or had it stolen? Every picture taken by a digital camera has the serial number embedded in its EXIF data and this free web utility will help you by searching the web for photos taken by a specific camera.

You could also try similar site stolencamerafinder.

Kindle Cloud Reader
tags: web application kindle ipad ebook
Amazon's web application to let you read your Kindle books online - no need for an application or even a Kindle. Browser support is limited to Google Chrome and Apple Safari at the moment though, which is a bit of a pity. On the plus side, you can continue reading offline and it's optimized for the iPad.

tags: web utility kindle free
A simple web utility to instantly send any web page to your Amazon Kindle. It's a bookmarklet that works with most modern browsers including: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera with a version for Internet Explorer coming soon.
It also offers enhanced text readability as every page you send to your Kindle is processed to make it easier to read, removing all unnecessary content including ads, polls and banners, while leaving the main content and images intact.
There's also SENDtoREADER Periodicals, which aggregates any RSS feeds you want to get on your Kindle, composes all those feeds' content into a single, easy-to-navigate document and, at a time set by you, sends it to your Kindle.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Weekly Bookmark Roundup - 7/8/2011

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