Monday, August 29, 2011

The Jumbled Box Bookmark Roundup, 28/08/2011

Not a great deal of new sites this week. A music streamer, some aeroplane seating guides and an esoteric, arty colour tool.


A free social  media discovery too that lets you play music and watch videos with your friends in real time. Create listening rooms with an international audience where you can chat about what's playing and vote up or down.

With a library of over 325 million songs and videos and filters for the most popular, most watched, and most discussed videos and playlists, you can easily search for videos, playlists and new users to follow.

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Next, while overlooking a workmates attempts to book some flights, I hooked onto a flurry of aeroplane seating sites like SeatGuru, SeatExpert, Best Plane Seat and Seatmaestro

These sites cover such things as seating plans for almost all of the world's airlines and aircraft, tips to have the best possible travel experience when you fly. You can find out which is the best row or side on just about any aircraft, how much room you'll get, what the inflight service is like, etc.

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the color of

This is an attempt to find out the colour of anything by querying and aggregating image data from Flickr. It's an attempt at answering a potentially complex and abstract question in an objective manner, by using simple algorithms on data originating from subjective human perceptions.

All you need to do is enter a word, phrase, idea or concept and it'll return with its idea of a matching colour artwork for that, which you can actually buy if you want to.

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