Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jumbled Box Bookmark Roundup - 14/8/2011

This week, we have a few useful book/e-book oriented sites, a utility to find lost or stolen cameras and a general information site.
tags: book pricecomparison uk

A useful book price-comparison service that searches the UK's online book stores to allow you to find the cheapest supplier.

Click here for over 20 similar sites.

GadgetTrak Camera Serial Search
tags: web service free photography hardware security

Lost your digital camera or had it stolen? Every picture taken by a digital camera has the serial number embedded in its EXIF data and this free web utility will help you by searching the web for photos taken by a specific camera.

You could also try similar site stolencamerafinder.

Kindle Cloud Reader
tags: web application kindle ipad ebook
Amazon's web application to let you read your Kindle books online - no need for an application or even a Kindle. Browser support is limited to Google Chrome and Apple Safari at the moment though, which is a bit of a pity. On the plus side, you can continue reading offline and it's optimized for the iPad.

tags: web utility kindle free
A simple web utility to instantly send any web page to your Amazon Kindle. It's a bookmarklet that works with most modern browsers including: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera with a version for Internet Explorer coming soon.
It also offers enhanced text readability as every page you send to your Kindle is processed to make it easier to read, removing all unnecessary content including ads, polls and banners, while leaving the main content and images intact.
There's also SENDtoREADER Periodicals, which aggregates any RSS feeds you want to get on your Kindle, composes all those feeds' content into a single, easy-to-navigate document and, at a time set by you, sends it to your Kindle.

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