Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Moby, Coldplay, Genesis, Kings Of Leon and Steve Vai

We were at our old office this week, breaking down the equipment so it was a great opportunity to listen to some more music. I'm not one for playlists - life's too short to spend time on stuff like that. Besides, a well produced album should be listened to in its entirety to experience the full story of the piece...

Moby: 18

This is the follow up to the amazingly successful Play and it follows much the same lines as that title - a relaxing and ambient mix of strings, keyboards and sampled vocals. Great stuff to lose yourself in.

  1. We Are All Made Of Stars
  2. In This World
  3. In My Heart
  4. Great Escape
  5. Signs Of Love
  6. One Of These Mornings
  7. Another Woman
  8. Fireworks
  9. Extreme Ways
  10. Jam For The Ladies - featuring Angie Stone and MC Lyte
  11. Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)
  12. 18
  13. Sleep Alone
  14. At Least We Tried
  15. Harbour - featuring Sinead O�Connor
  16. Look Back In
  17. The Rafters
  18. I'm Not Worried At All
Coldplay: A Rush Of Blood To The Head

Another excellent album from Coldplay and a great follow up to Parachutes. A classic mix of melodic and hypnotic songs and a definite hit.
  1. Politik
  2. In My Place
  3. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
  4. The Scientist
  5. Clocks
  6. Daylight
  7. Green Eyes
  8. Warning Sign
  9. A Whisper
  10. A Rush of Blood To The Head
  11. Amsterdam
Genesis: A Trick Of The Tail

This one takes me back to my youth. I was at the Trick Of The Tail concert at the Glasgow Apollo in 1976, which was just after Peter Gabriel left and Phil Collins took over lead vocals. The stage act was amazing for the time - lasers, inflatable flowers and they had the brilliant Bill Bruford supporting on drums. Pity the CD is so short but at the time it was released, vinyl could only manage about 40 minutes of music on an album.
  1. Dance On A Volcano
  2. Entangled
  3. Squonk
  4. Mad Man Moon
  5. Robbery, Assault And Battery
  6. Ripples
  7. A Trick Of The Tail
  8. Los Endos

Kings Of Leon: Aha Shake Heartbreak

One of my daughter's collection but very listenable to. Not a bad mix of modern rock music with good vocals.

  1. Slow Night, So Long
  2. King Of The Rodeo
  3. Taper Jean Girl
  4. Pistol Of Fire
  5. Milk
  6. The Bucket
  7. Soft
  8. Razz
  9. Day Old Blues
  10. Four Kicks
  11. Velvet Snow
  12. Rememo
  13. Where Nobody Knows (Bonus Track)
Steve Vai: Alien Love Secrets

There's no disputing that Vai is one of the world's best and fastest rock guitarists and this is full of his usual amazing guitar playing. There are some cracking tracks on here but Ya Yo Gakk and Kill The Guy With The Ball may only appeal to purists.
  1. Bad Horsie
  2. Juice
  3. Die To Live
  4. Boy From Seattle
  5. Ya Yo Gakk
  6. Kill The Guy With The Ball
  7. The God Eaters
  8. Tender Surrender

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