Friday, April 06, 2007

An Easter Break In Montrose - Day 1

We'd been planning on going away for a few days over the Easter weekend as we had the Friday and Monday off of work but, as ever, we left everything to the last minute as the weather forecasts looked a bit changeable. The memory of the few days we spent in Mallaig a couple of years ago, almost constantly waterlogged with the continuous rainfall, are still with us.

Anyway,we got up on Friday morning and checked the weather for the next few days to see if anywhere looked like being reasonable enough to warrant going. The North-East coast looked like it was going to be sunny and Montrose is only a couple of hours drive from Glasgow so then it was time to hunt for somewhere to stay. A quick check on the Scottish Tourist Board site gave us some options and the first one we tried from our short list, The Limes, had a vacancy, so ten minutes later we were booked and getting ready to set off.

Scurdie Ness Lighthouse From Montrose

The first thing we did when we arrived was to have a stroll around looking for the Tourist Information office to see if we could pick up any leaflets on walks or other attractions around the area. Trouble was, they'd moved it from where it was on the maps and, even when we found it in the local museum, it wasn't really geared up to handle queries as the move had just happened. Still, the girl on duty was quite helpful and we left with a few ideas for the next few days.

We went for a walk down to the seafront and watched the North Sea surf pounding along the shore. We also got a good view of the lighthouse over at Scurdie Ness, across the bay.

Eating Out

Having walked round the town, noting where the eateries were, we ended up in Carlton Hotel on High Street, which looks a bit odd from the street level as you have to go though a close and up stairs at the back to get into it. That said, the food was excellent and very reasonably priced with good sized portions.

Lorna had Chicken Ajo, which was chicken, stuffed with garlic and mushrooms, in a white wine sauce and I had a really tasty steak and ale pie. I'm sure we had a starter and sweet as well but I can't remember what except that we really enjoyed the lot. The staff were very friendly as well and we retired to the bar afterwards for a drink, then went back to our room and collapsed.

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