Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Night Walk Along The Clyde

Glasgow Science CentreHad another outing with The Glasgow Flickr Meetup Group last week for an evening stroll along the River Clyde. We started off with a bit of socializing at Beanscene on Dumbarton Road and we almost thought we'd have to call the walk off as the rain didn't look like it'd stop. However, after about an hour and some coffee, it cleared and about nine of us wandered down to the Clyde, following the course of the River Kelvin down to Yorkhill Quay.

I tried to get some skyline shots looking downriver towards some big cranes and blocks of flats but there's a lot of building going on and safety fences hampered the shots. Anyway we got some decent shots of the old nineteenth century pump-house at Yorkhill Quay beside the Tall Ship and the Waverley was tied up on the other side of the river under the Glasgow Tower at the Science Centre.

We wandered upriver from there to the Millennium Bridge and crossed that to the new BBC building and then strolled down to Bell's Bridge, where we crossed back over to the North side of the river. The Squinty Bridge (Glasgow Arc) is beautifully lit up at night and, along with the iconic Finnieston Crane, it provided a fairly good shot to end the night off with.

The Squinty BridgeThe Squinty Bridge By Night

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