Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Stroll Down To Loch Drunkie

Since it looked like being a half-reasonable day and it was a Sunday, we headed up to The Trossachs for a bit of a stroll around the countryside. Taking the road through Aberfoyle and heading North leading to Brig O'Turk via the Duke's Pass, it leads into the Achray Forest, part of the larger Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.

Lochan ReoidhteLochan Reoidhte

About three miles North of Aberfoyle, there's a forest drive trail on the right-hand side of the road that leads down to Loch Drunkie, wanders around a lot and eventually emerges near Loch Achray. We parked there and headed down to the road on foot (we needed the exercise after lazing around on Crete for two weeks). Luckily, the road was closed to cars on the day, which made the walking a bit safer and quieter.

The first feature you come across on the way is the pretty little Lochan Reoidhte. Don't ask me to pronounce the name but it translates from the Gaelic as "Cold Little Loch". From there, we headed on down the windy road until we came into view of the Western end of Loch Drunkie and then we had lunch looking out over the loch.

Loch DrunkieLoch Drunkie

Once the hunger pangs had gone we followed the road around the loch and had a wee detourr up to an old ruined cottage. From there we carried back along the lochside to where it juts out into the centre and you can get a good view of the dams on the far side of the loch from there. It's a spot that I remember fishing from when I was much younger. Didn't catch anything that time but the loch is supposedly very good for brown trout fishing these days. We sat among the Bluebells and watched an angler for a while and he did catch a trout; not huge but not bad at all.

Loch DrunkieLoch Drunkie

We headed along the road again along another spur of the loch and once we reached the end of that, the road headed inland slightly towards an outdoor centre. Not much to see there and it was closed but there were a few butterflies fluttering around and plenty of birdlife so it was a nice place for a wee rest. Wit the time getting on, we decided to climb the rise beside the road to get a better view of the lcoh and then head back. We did that and then cut insand from the end of the loch along a little valley that eventually led us up to a higher pint on the road back up.

Loch DrunkieLoch Drunkie

The rest of these photos and a few others from around the Aberfoyle area can be seen here.

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