Friday, September 23, 2005

The First Entry...

Okay, this is the first entry in The Jumbled Box - so what to write about? Okay how about a bit about me...

I'm 50 and live in Glasgow (Scotland) along with my partner Lorna. I have two kids, Jacqueline and David, and they live with my ex in Dumbarton. Jacqueline is training to be an accountant (sad init!) and David wants to be a rock star (but if that fails, he'll try engineering).

I manage a small systems support team and have been a software developer, computer games developer, computer sales person and laboratory technician in past times. I even worked behind a disco bar for several years as an evening job.

I like hill walking, a bit of fishing, taking photographs, reading, watching movies, technology, surfing the net and scones. I hate noisy neighbours (you know who you are), toothpaste tubes that have been squeezed in the middle, BMW owners and DIY. Other than that I think I'm fairly normal.

I think I'll serialize the story of my life in later postings.

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