Monday, September 26, 2005

Pride & Prejudice

Being a bloke, I was worried when this was released as I just knew my partner Lorna would want to go and see it on the big screen, especially after the 1995 BBC television version was so popular (doesn't seem like it was ten years ago). I think it was one of those books I had to read at school so I was a bit reticent and had managed to avoid watching the telly version.

Anyway, got persuaded to take her so we went to see it at the weekend and it was actually not a bad few hours. Lorna said it's not quite as good as the BBC one, which was much longer and more detailed, but pretty good nevertheless and she certainly enjoyed it. It's always difficult to translate an entire novel, especially a well known classic, to a few hours of film but I think they did an excellent job with this one.

The absolutely elfin Keira Knightley gives an excellent performance as Lizzie, Matthew MacFayden does a reasonable job of the haughty Mr. Darcy and Brenda Blethyn and Donald Sutherland give great support as Lizzie's parents. The acting, direction, sets and cinematography can't be faulted and the script mixes a good blend of drama and romance with a few comic moments so it's well worth seeing.

Genre: Drama, Romance.
My Rating: 7/10

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