Friday, December 23, 2005

Must Kill Fridge Designers

Having just spent about two hours trying to reverse the doors on our new fridge/freezer, I've decided that a rant against the designers is necessary...

The instructions looked simple enough, pop the doors off, reverse the fittings and pop'em all back on again - hah!

In order to get at the screws to release the top door, the instructions indicate pulling off a little top cover. Looks easy on paper but it wouldn't budge and both of us were grunting and pulling at it for ages until a cup of tea was required and tempers cooled. Of course, smart arse that she is, Lorna looks at it and pops it off easily by pulling it up the way. I should have sensed that things were going to get worse.

Okay, the doors came off pretty easily after that and we thought this is okay, we're going to do it, until we got to the bottom. With Lorna tilting the unit back so I could get underneath it, I discovered that lying on the floor isn't that easy a way to unscrew fittings while hoping my better half won't drop the fridge on my head. It gets worse, I'm lying there, trying to unscrew these bottom fittings and having no luck - none of my screwdrivers'll fit. Then it dawns on me - these are bl**dy TorX bolts, now how many people have TorX tools at home?

Do they do this intentionally, just knowing that some poor sod will have the fridge half dismantled and be lying on their back when they find that they're stuffed?

It's the start of the weekend before Christmas, the old fridge is outside and all the food, and there's a lot of it, is in the garden shed waiting for a nice new fridge to go into so what can you do? Obviously we needed to go get a TorX driver so off we go to B&Q and return about 40 minutes later and seven quid poorer, bearing the magic tool that we'll probably never need again.

We hates the Whirlpool engineers, we just hates them!

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