Tuesday, December 13, 2005

On The First Day Of Christmas...

...you find out that your Christmas tree lights have a few dud bulbs! Yes that was us last night, putting up the tree and getting all the decorations out. I know a lot of people do this much earlier but we're a bit more traditional.

Anyway, some of our bulbs appeared to be dud so that was a pain, having to try and find the one on that line that was actually blown. Luckily we eventually found the spares and fixed it so we had an official switch on.

The heavy work done, I left Lorna to continue decorating (she likes playing with glass balls and tinsel) while I did something else like search for a present for me online.

Nipped down to Woolies today to try and get some extra bulbs only to find that they didn't have any. Hopefully the line hasn't been discontinued or it's new lights next year.

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