Sunday, January 29, 2006

Another Day At The Beach!

Another dry Sunday - amazing! Anyway, after mentioning last week's foray to Irvine beach, I had mentioned it to one of the lads in the office and he suggested we try just north of Ardrossan as the beaches were better, he thought. So we got the map out and it looked promising, a lick of yellow at Ardneil Bay, along the coast north of Ardrossan between Seasmill and Portencross.

So off we went, heading down the road to Irvine again but this time we turned off at Dalry and headed for West Kilbride and then on to Farland Head at Portencross along a very tight wee road. There's a decent sized car park at Farland Head and we parked there but that meant a plod back into the bay, through a field full of cows, to get to anything resembling sand. We did notice a fair few cars parked off the side of the road farther back and in hindsight, that would have a been a better place to park as it was the start of the beach proper.

As for the beach - to be honest, it's difficult to tell. I think it might be nice in summer, or at least parts of it, but it wasn't very impressive as beaches go and I think we both agreed that Irvine would make a better venue for picnicing, etc.

Sunset Over ArranWe walked all the way back to Seamill and back again and got a few photographs along the way. We even waited for the sun to go down to get a few shots as it sank behind Arran. Spotted a grey heron on the beach along with the usual gulls, terns and oystercatchers and even glimpsed what certainly looked like a wren at the side of the path on the way back.

We'll probably go back in the summer to see if it's any better but the lack of any facilities (I like my tea and a scone) is a definite drawback.

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