Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Day At The Beach

It being the first dry Sunday we've had for a while, we drove down to Irvine for walk on the beach. The beach stretches all way down to Troon in a big long curve so it's ideal for a long walk.

It's not bad as Scottish beaches go and always seems busy, even outwith the summer, with folk walking dogs or kids on quad bikes roaring up and down. It's much better in the summer and it does get pretty busy then with groups of people along the dunes.

Bleak Day On Irvine BeachBleak Day On Irvine Beach

The weather on Sunday was okay but only just - dry but a bit breezy and it wasn't that warm so we had to wrap up for our stroll. We had a walk along the river bank and up to the Magnum Leisure Centre and had a cup of tea and a scone in the cafe there.

On a sadder note, we noticed that The Big Idea was closed, or at least the bridge leading over to it was closed off and rolled open so you couldn't get there but further investigations led to the discovery that it's closed for good. Pity as it was something novel for kids and was built on the site of Alfred Nobel's dynamite factory.

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