Friday, April 21, 2006

Wagamama, 97 West George Street, Glasgow

We fancied a few drinks and then something to eat after work so, after bumping into a couple of the lads in the Sir John Moore, we were recommended to try out Wagamama, a Japanese noodle bar.

It was pretty busy and the seating is in series of long benches so you could end up being seated next to anyone. Anyway, we got in and seated without much bother and the staff were friendly enough. It's the first time we'd been in a Japanese restaurant so we were feeling a bit experimental. We got a couple of side dishes of Yasai Gyoza and Negima Yakitori along with Chicken Itameru and Ginger Chicken Udon. All a bit heavy on the chicken I know but we're not seafood fans. Drinks were a couple of bottles of Asahi Super Dry, which was okay but a wee bit bland.

The food was excellent and pretty varied (if you don't mention the chicken). The side dishes were tasty and the Ginger Chicken Udon was very nice indeed. All of the above was only about £30 so not too pricy either - I suspect we'll be back sometime to try out something else!

Cuisine: Japanese
My Rating: 7/10

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