Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happiness: £1

My daughter Jacqueline was fed up having to make up tapes to play in my old fashioned car cassette player so she bought one of those little adapters that plug into the cassette slot and the results are pretty amazing. She's got an iPod mini and it sounded great fed through this adapter. You plug one end into the iPod earphone socket and shove the "cassette" end into the slot.

I'd looked at them before and was even considering getting a decent MP3-CD player for the car but just hadn't gotten round to it and the price of iPod/MP3 player compatible models is pretty high. Anyway, this little gadget only cost £1 from Poundland, one of those "everything for a pound" places - an amazing bargain, especially as Apple want almost £18 for the cheapest one they sell.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting visit to Flickr and your blog Allan - some great pics but notably the Island (as Skye is known) has yet to be included - I'm sure you'll manage that soon. 'S math a rinn thu, Ailean!