Sunday, June 04, 2006

Plants, A Barbecue And An Almost Built Table

Today was almost just another Sunday. Got up late, watched the Moto GP on TV (Valentino Rossi rules) and then the weather got nice...

First thing we did was to go out to the Greenhead Nursery in Inchinnan as Lorna fancied a few more plants for the garden. Anyway, it was a useful foray and we returned with two nice azalias, a couple of pinks and about four alpines.

I'd bought a barbecue as we'd always fancied having our own one last week so this was a good opportunity to try it out. Luckily, I'd picked up a sack of charcoal and lighter fluid yesterday and we had some chicken breasts and ready made kebabs in the fridge so we were all systems go for a potentially burnt dinner. But first...

We had to build a table for us to eat it off. Don't get me wrong, this wasn't a spontaneous thought as we 'd bought all the wood and screws'n stuff a few weeks ago so now was as good a time as any to get it done. Lorna, being the brains of the outfit, does the design and measuring and I get to do the sawing and putting it all together stuff.

It was all going to plan at first - we had the four top sections cut and fastened together nicely when we came to the difficult bit, the legs. These legs had to be able to fold down flat so we could store the table away so Lorna's design required one pair to be inside the other when folded. It all was all a bit complicated to me and positioning the cross-spares was critical for a flat finish. we must've been getting hungry as it took us about three goes at getting the damn things built and then attached with hinges - there are more holes in the wood than are required and that's all I'm saying. Anyway, the design's not quite right and we'll need to brace the corners as it wobbles and tries to fall over a lot.

So, finished with the table for the day, we started the barbecue. It was a charcoal burning one, a portable Weber Go Anywhere. We thought having a portable one was a good idea as we could take it camping or on picnics. This is the first time either of us had tried to light a barbecue so that provided some amusement for a while and it took a few goes but we got it lit eventually.

So we had a nice dinner of charcoal cooked kebabs and chicken with pitta bread and lots of salad. Oh and a bottle of red wine as well to round off a decent Sunday even if we learned that we're not carpenters.

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