Friday, July 28, 2006

China Buffet King, 22-24 West Nile Street, Glasgow

Yet another Friday and yet another try out of a restaurant close to where we work in the centre of the city. China Buffet King is another one of those all-you-can-eat buffet houses with a goodish choice of standard fare Chinese and oriental dishes.

The decor is bright and modern and the staff are friendly and efficient at clearing plates and bringing drinks so no complaints there other than the fact that the tables are little tightly packed in their rows. Prices go up after 6:30 and we went in just after seven so the pre-6:30 customers were starting to thin out a wee bit so it wasn't over busy.

The food was reasonable given that it costs under a tenner a head to fill up at the weekend. There was a good range of starters and main courses on offer with the usual range of more western sweets. I had a bowl of chicken and sweetcorn soup, a good plateful of vegetable spring rolls with crispy shredded duck and hoisin sauce followed by a mix of sweet'n'sour chicken, lemon chicken, kung po chicken and barbecued char siu with yung chow rice and chow mien. I finished off with a dod of chocolate gateau and strawberry cheesecake all covered in fresh cream and I was done - burp!

I can't really fault it other than I thought that there were too many chicken dishes and the chicken in a few of them was a bit overcooked and chewier than I like it. Other than that though, it was pretty much as expected.

Cuisine: Chinese
My rating: 6/10


Anonymous said...

Not a place for a relaxed or pleasant night out. Tables are pushed together with other customers, and it can be a long wait at the buffet line.

Large notices claim to serve vegetarian meals, but when requested this was refused! No apology... no recommendation.

Allan Ogg said...

Agreed, it can get pretty busy so it, and most other Chinese buffet restaurants, have to be considered as fast-food places. You go in, fill up and head elsewhere for some entertainment.
As for the vegetarian thing, what you see is what you get and they won't go out of their way, it'd take too much time. And time is money!