Monday, July 10, 2006

Bombay Blues, 41 Hope Street, Glasgow

Yet another night when we couldn't be bothered cooking so we thought we'd try the Indian restaurant just round the corner from the office. A couple of the lads in work had been there for a lunch and said it was pretty good so we thought we'd give it a try.

First impressions were that it was pretty bright and a wee bit quiet but it was early. The decor is definitely not Indian but is of a more contemporary feel and that really didn't make it feel very Indian. On top of that it looked like it still needed a bit more work done. Still we came in for the food, the staff seemed pretty friendly and, even better, they had a buffet on for just under £10 a head. Buffets are the best way to try a range of different dishes and there's nothing to stop you pigging out on the starters or sweets.

There was a decent array of starters available - four kinds of pakora, a daal, spiced onions, garlic bread, poppadoms and several other dishes. I filled my plate anyway. Main courses were a bit more limited and were fairly standard fare - lamb and chicken bhoona, chicken korma, chicken jalfrezi, chicken tikka masaledar, a chilli chicken and couple of vege dishes. Nothing out of the ordinary there and all reasonably well prepared but they just didn't hit any pleasure buttons. The sweets were also a bit thin - gulab jamin, a mushy looking carrot pudding and a chocolate gateaux.

It was okay but I doubt if we'd go back, there are too many other places to try first.

Cuisine: Indian
My Rating: 6/10

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