Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Walkabout, Renfield Street, Glasgow

We were going to the movies so thought we may as well grab a bite to eat in town. It's a fair walk up to the Cineworld from Argyll Street so we eventually went into the Filling Station in Bath Street as we'd been in before and the food was okay, if nothing special. Anyway after twiddling our thumbs for over ten minutes waiting on someone, anyone coming and even taking a drinks order, we gave up and left. The staff seemed more interested in chatting among themselves than serving anyone!

Anyway, we ended up going into Ozzie theme bar and diner Walkabout as it's on the same block as the cinema and we'd fancied trying it out anyway. First impressions are that it's a big pub and fairly popular so it looked promising. It's pretty free form inside but there's a tabled section for those wanting to eat and we grabbed one of the few left.

It might be Australian in appearance but the only Ozzie beers on the menu were Toohey's New or Extra dry. Not that Toohey's is bad, and I drank a fair amount of it when we were over there some years ago, but I'd have thought thye'd have a few more on offer. As for food, that's a different story and, as well as the usual American/Mexican barbecue burger bar fare, you can choose from Outback Pie, Kangaroo Fillet or even Springbok (I know it's South African) for something a bit different.

We're not that adventurous so I had a Sydneysider Beef Burger (Awesomed up) and Lorna had a Classic Club Sandwich. That and some beers came to under £20 and they'll do it even cheaper if you get in earleir than eight so it pretty reasonably priced. The only thing the place lacked was some decent rock music and it'd have been spot on.

Cuisine: Australian, American, Tex-Mex
My Rating: 8/10

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Skye said...

Well, see, they're counting on the fact that noone going in there has ever been to Australia to know what they're missing. But, hey, at least you got served and apparently to the movie on time, as opposed to the other place :)