Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Time For A Camera Upgrade

I've just ordered a new camera. After much deliberation, I decided on a nearly dSLR instead of a full dSLR as I really didn't want the hassle of lugging one of those heavyweights around and all the paraphenalia that goes with it.

Anyway, I settled on the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H2 as the best of the bunch in the six megapixel, super-zoom range. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H2
The other contenders were the Panasonic Lumix DMC-F7EB and the Canon PowerShot S3 IS, and all three are basically very close in specification - six megapixels, 12x optical zoom, optical image stabiliser, etc. but the H2 comes out as the better choice in online reviews. See the reviews for all three on the excellent Digital Photography Review site and check out the comparisons sections…

Luckily, the Sony is also the cheapest of three. The Panasonic is only a little more expensive but the Canon is almost £50 more.

Hope it gets here soon!

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