Sunday, January 21, 2007

Cardross and Ardmore Point

Yet another Sunday and we missed the best of the weather by sleeping on too late. It was nice and clear in the morning but by the time we'd had lunch and set off for a walk, it had started raining - sigh!

Ardmore PointOn the way to Ardmore Point

Anyway, we were off to Cardross for a stroll along the shorefront to Ardmore Point, a nature reserve on the Firth of Clyde. I used to do a bit of sea angling around here as a lad and it was a pretty popular spot. You'd get cod and flounders in the Winter and sea trout and coalfish later in the Spring and Summer. We often spent all night on the beach here, sometimes waking up covered in snow, and the fishing was always pretty good. Still, that was when I was young and fit. I dread to think what I'd be like now if I tried that again.

Undaunted by the weather, we parked in Cardross and headed down to the sea front via Station Road. From there it's a fairly straightforward walk along the shoreline to Ardmore Point and, if you're feeling fit, you can continue on to Craigendoran and Helensburgh but I've only ever done that once. Ardmore Point was the usual target for a days fishing.

From Cardross shore, you can see over the Firth to Port Glasgow and down the water to Greenock and all the way across to Dunoon, which is backdropped by some excellent mountains and this time they had some snow on top as well. Also along the way, you'll likely see a diverse range of birdlife. We spotted flocks of Oystercatchers, various duck, a Red-breasted Merganser, a Grey Heron and lots of gulls and terns, although the light wasn't great and the photographs I did get could have been better. We've seen seals basking on the rocks here in the summer as well so it's a great place to see some wildlife and so close to Glasgow too. I remember that we used to find lots of shotgun shells around Ardmore as it used to be pretty popular with wildfowlers out shooting these pretty looking birds.

The light was getting so bad that we aborted the walk about three quarters of the way around for fear of having to retrace our steps over the rocks and boulders in the dark. This is something I've had to do before here and it's no fun at all, I had cuts and bruises for weeks afterwards. Given the current state of the shoreline, which is cluttered with storm debris and rubbish, we didn't fancy falling over into goodness knows what so we headed back before it got too dark.

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