Sunday, January 14, 2007

Lunderston Bay

It was another wet and windy Sunday but we just had to get out for a few hours so we donned the waterproofs and headed along the M8 to Lunderston Bay, which is just a few miles past Gourock and the Cloch Lighthouse.

Lunderston Bay

Lunderston Bay is credited as Glasgow's nearest sandy beach but that's a load of tourist waffle. Both Dumbarton and Cardross have much more sandy stretches of beach than this and they're much closer to Glasgow. That's not to say it isn't worth visiting though - it has a kids adventure playground, toilets and picnic tables for when the weather's nicer. It seems very popular with the locals walking their dogs as well.

The beach, from what we could see through the rain and wind, was mostly shingle and shells so I assume that it's sandier on a lower tide. There were a few rock pools at either end of the bay as well so I expect kids would enjoy pottering around in those and there were plenty of shells on the beach to collect as well.

Inverkip Power Station

We had a brisk walk up and down the length of the bay and we got some good views of the abandoned Inverkip Power Station to the South with its enormous, 700 foot-high chimney and jetty. That was enough of being battered by the wind and rain though and we retreated into the Cardwell Garden Centre, which is just over the road, for some hot tea and a cake.

We'll maybe come back in the Summer!

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