Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Novice - by Trudi Canavan

The Novice is the second volume in The Black Magician trilogy and a sequel to The Magician's Guild, continuing the story of Sonea, the little girl from the slums who has now been accepted as a novice in the Magician's Guild.
Sonea is now a novice and has moved into the Magician's Guild in order to begin her training. However, her fellow students, the sons and daughters of the realm's most powerful families, see her as an upstart from the slums who should be seen to fail at whatever cost.

When High Lord Akkarin takes her under his protection Sonea is even more despondent as she knows he harbours a dark and sinister secret. Isolated from her family and friends, despised and bullied by her classmates and living in dread in the High Lord's house, Sonea must rise far above her training to meet all of these ordeals.

The Novice follows much the same pattern and writing style of its predecessor. It's a very easy and predictable read but entertaining nevertheless and the plot is getting a bit more complicated but not overly so. Canavan's writing style hasn't improved as far as I can see but its simplicity may appeal to a younger audience.

There are basically two story threads on the go this time. The main one being Sonea striving to keep one step ahead of her enemies and pursue her studies while avoiding Akkarin and the other following Lord Dannyl as he wanders foreign lands trying to find out what Akkarin was up to while he was abroad.

Adds a bit more depth to the story following on from The Magician's Guild so if you've read that and found it enjoyable enough, then this won't disappoint either.

ISBN: 1-84149-314-7
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
My Rating: 6/10

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