Monday, February 13, 2006

Bar Milano, Byres Road, Glasgow

We got caught in a horrendous gridlock of traffic on the way home tonight so, seeing as we were still pretty close to Partick Cross and there was no obvious sign of the traffic problem easing off soon, we pulled over and parked with the intention of grabbing a bite to eat somewhere close.

We fancied nipping into La Riviera as we'd been before and it was really nice, but it was closed! Might have been too early or maybe they're just closed on a Monday. Anyway, just over the cross, at the foot of Byres Road, was Bar Milano and we'd never tried it before so in we went. We used to stay just round the corner and remember the place being once the site of Wilson's Bar and then a restaurant called Leonardo's but, as usual, places change and hopefully for the better.

It's a bit of a cocktail bar come small restaurant and the decor is nice and light. It was just about 7pm and it had quite a few diners in already but we got a table right away. The menu looked not bad at all, having a decent range of pastas, pizzas and main courses. We started off with garlic foccaccia and pate and then Lorna had penne contadina and I had rigatoni norcina. Add a pint of lager shandy and a large glass of house red and it all came to about £30 so not very expensive and reasonably tasty fare.

Must remember to take a different route tomorrow though!

Cuisine: Italian
MyRating: 7/10

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