Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Oh well, another year has gone by! My hair is greyer and the eyes and ears are a bit less sharp but I'm reasonably healthy so life isn't too bad.

The stress of living under an absolute piece of trailer trash and her uncontrollable brat for the last few years has taken it's toll but we've got new neighbours now and, apart from a bit of access hassle that seems to have been resolved, they seem a pretty reasonable and nice couple so here's hoping the future is rosier.

Got a nice new pair of trainers from Lorna and she also wants to buy me a Topfield Freeview PVR as well so I'm well pleased. At last, two Freeview tuners and a 160GB hard drive - an astounding bit of kit for a telly addict and you can also feed it MPEG files from the computer. Mum and dad gave me a wad of cash as well, which always amazes me and I always say it's too much but they never listen. I think they still think of me as their wee boy but I've got a 21 year old daughter and 17 year old son so I think I'm a bit past that now. Anyway, I'll need to think of something to buy with that now. I think I'm getting Red Dwarf VI from the kids but they usually surprise me as well.

So, we're now off home and then away out for a celebratory nosh-up at our favourite curry house and perhaps there will be some alcohol involved as well (hic!). So Mr India's West End Balti and Dosa House, here we come!

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