Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bella Italia, 96 Hope Street, Glasgow

Missed our train back from town on Sunday so, since we'd have to wait 30 minutes, we thought we'd just go and get something to eat instead. Hope Street is just round the corner from the station so Bella Italia (map) looked like a reasonable choice.

Given that I'd eaten in a Bella Italia in Edinburgh a few weeks ago (see Edinburgh Lunches), it was reasonable to assume that it'd be okay and it was pretty much that. We had a better choice of menu this time but this wasn't a special lunch deal so that was to be expected. The food was okay, nothing special but there was plenty of it and it was tasty enough.

The only downside was the service, it was very, very slow. Having sat for over ten minutes waiting on someone taking even a drink order, we were on the verge of leaving just as the waitress arrived.

Cuisine: Italian
My rating: 5/10

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