Sunday, November 20, 2005

More Edinburgh Lunches

It was a full five day course so here's the continuation of what I started in part one...

Wednesday - Domino's Pizza

We were falling behind due to the amount of firefighting required to get the labs to work as they hadn't been properly set up and the servers weren't responding as expected. Anyway, to try and catch up some time they sent out for pizza instead of taking us out.

Anyway, to start we had portions of the Garlic Pizza Bread, which were simply small cheese and tomato pizzas and totally boring. As for the pizzas, I had a Cheese Steak Melt as I thought it might be a change and I was right. It was basically a congealed lump of cheese with bits of rubbery steak embedded in it and with very little of the green peppers, onions and mushrooms advertised.

I don't think I'll be sending out for a Dominos Pizza anytime soon!

My Rating: 2/10

Thursday - The Buffet Lunch

We were still way behind so this time we had a buffet lunch brought in. You know the stuff - sandwiches, chicken drumsticks, wraps, cold quiche and cold pizza. Don't know where it was ordered from but it was pretty good and did the job.

Friday - Saigon Saigon, 14 South St. Andrew St, EH2 2AZ (map)

Being the last day, and even though we were still behind, we got a bit of a treat. Saigon Saigon is an "All You Can Eat" buffet restaurant and it had loads of interesting and standard Chinese and Thai dishes to choose from. The food was hot and well replenshed so you could really pig out if you wanted to.

It was reasonably busy and is obviously popular for a even quick lunch and empty plates were quickly wheeched away by the staff so there's was always room on the table for more. Not a place for a quiet or romantic lunch though.

Cuisine: Oriental
My Rating: 7/10

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