Monday, November 21, 2005

The Westerton Arms, 34 Henderson Street, Bridge of Allan

Went over to see Lorna's dad at the weekend and thought we'd try a Bridge Of Allan again but see what else there was on offer. The Westerton Arms (map) looked pretty busy, which is usually a good sign, and so we went in...

Well it was busy and we had to wait for about 30 minutes before they had a table but, having a bar attached, that wasn't a problem. The bar was pretty busy with a mix of locals and people waiting for tables but not over-busy so it was reasonably comfortable.

The food was mostly pretty straightforward fayre with a good few exotic additions and it was not bad at all. The menu is on the web site above. The only downside was the that the service was a bit slow and, while we had asked for the dessert menu, we gave up waiting on anyone asking us if we wanted anything from it.

Cuisine: Varied
My Rating: 6/10


saxoann said...

I have just returned from a traumatic visit to this restaurant. A rating of 1 was only given as I am unable to select 0. I ordered a diet Irn Bru, politely, ordered a prawn cocktail, my friend asked if we could just order starters at this point as we hadnt choosen a main course at that point, we were told no, the order had to be placed in full. We did not challenge this and ordered our mains with the starters. I ordered the Cajun chicken pasta, which is described as Penne pasta with Cajun chicken in a light cream sauce. This arrived and was red in colour, not what I had expected from the description. I decided to eat it anyway, however when I tasted it the pasta was so over cooked that it tore on the fork and fell off. I could not eat it so over cooked and after a lengthy wait, quietly said to the waitress that I did not want it as it was overcooked and not what I had expected as per the description on the menu. I waited a considerable length of time for "the boss" to see me. He eventually arrived when my friend had finished her meal and asked her if she was finished and lifted her plate and walked away, he then turned round some distance away and shouted back there was noting wrong with my pasta and it was my attitude that was the problem! He continued this ranting over another table of diners. I said nothing, with the exception of how unprofessional. He left us sitting there with no meal, no offer of anything else to eat including desert and no sign of a bill. We sat for a length of time awaiting the bill, however this did not materialise. We wrote a letter expressing our dissatisfaction and embarrassment and intimidation at his actions and handed it to the waitress and left, at which point he chased us on to the street shouting and asking if we were going to pay for our meal. In light of the lack of any meal on my part and the shock of his action I see no money was due. I still said nothing, my friend challenged him and he told her that I had a bad attitude, but her attitude was fine! She was the one that had a starter and main and did not pay I had a very wet prawn cocktail and a juice! I am still at a loss as to his attitude and can only assumed a case of mistaken identity. I have eaten in the Westerton on many occasions and never had a problem. The atmosphere has always been a bit frosty but the food was acceptable so I ignored this, but this mans outburst was appalling and neither my friend nor I will return nor will my family or any other friends. I have recommended this restaurant to several people, however when the staff take it upon them self to abuse patrons I will not tolerate this. One other point I received my cutlery wrapped in a paper napkin which had a stain that looked like blood, I did not bring this to their attention, however would now question the hygiene of who ever is wrapping the cutlery.

The food is all very unhealthy and even the salads are very calorie laden. There are far superior restaurants to visit and I will frequent them instead of this pub serving food badly and with attitude!

I did nothing to deserve this and am still shaking from the stress this mans agression caused

Walk by it is not worth it! unless you like your pasta like mush

Allan Ogg said...

Sounds like you had a very bad experience. Verbally abusing customers is hardly the way to conduct a business, regardless of who's at fault.

You're quite within your rights to refuse to pay for poor food and poor service. You could try emailing a letter of complaint to as the place is featured on their site.

Service wasn't great when we were there but the food was okay. However, there's no knowing if the management is the same as pubs like these change hands fairly often.