Monday, November 21, 2005

Wallace & Gromit - The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

This was the last of the holiday movie backlog so it was good to get to see it before it disappeared from the cinemas. This is Wallace & Gromit's debut on the big screen and here's the plot...

Mapcap inventor and well-known cheese addict Wallace (Peter Sallis) and his trusty hound Gromit run a fairly lucrative humane pest-control business called Anti-Pesto. With only a few days to go until the Annual Giant Vegetable Competition, they're up to their ears in work and rabbits.

When a huge Brassica munching beast begins raiding the townfolk's beloved garden plots at night and destroying everything in its path, the competition hostess Lady Tottington (Helena Bonham-Carter), commissions our heroes to catch it save the veg. However, her ladyship's slimy suitor, Victor Quartermaine (Ralph Fiennes), would rather shoot the creature to try to impress her and gain recognition as the local hero. Of course, catching or killing the monster rabbit isn't as straightforward as any of them might think.

Well we thoroughly enjoyed this one, Wallace and Gromit's first full-length feature film is hilarious. If you liked Aardman's previous shorts of the pair - A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave, then you'll love this. I thought it might be too long for clay-mation to sustain audience interest but the plot and all the little visual jokes keep it ticking along just nicely.

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Mystery
My Rating: 8/10

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