Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Camas Rhuba a’ Mhurain Beach

After yesterday's trek from Bracorina to Stoul, we were feeling a bit weary so we fancied a day at the seaside for a change. There was also the chance of a long walk on the beach, if our legs were up to it, so we headed over to the beaches on the road to Arisaig, just North of Portnaluchaig. The area is more popularly known as Camusdarach but we were going a wee bit more south of Camas an Daraich so technically it was more like Camas Rhuba a’ Mhurain. The sandy beaches around Camusdarach have been a popular choice for movie locations over the years and is best known for scenes in Local Hero as well as Breaking the Waves and TV series Hamish Macbeth and Monarch of the Glen.

Camas Rhuba a’ Mhurain BeachCamas Rhuba a’ Mhurain Beach

This whole stretch of coast, from the mouth of the River Morar down to Arisaig, is a beach-lovers paradise. The sands are white and soft and there are lots of little secluded coves and bays in which you can find an appropriate nook to nestle down into and snooze for a few hours in the sun. We camped at Back of Keppoch some years ago so we're pretty familiar with the area and have spent many a day lazing on these beaches.

You can also go for a long walk along the coast here or hunt for the rare little European Cowrie or "Groatie Buckie" shells that you can find if you’re lucky and don’t mind getting down on your hands and knees; It passes the time if you get bored lying around. You can also get some good views out to the islands of Eigg and Rùm and even a decent glimpse of the Cuillin hills on Skye.

RùmThe Island of Rùm

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