Thursday, June 28, 2007


The weather forecast for today said it’d rain and so it did. It’s not very heavy but it’s that kind of fine, persistent rain which, given enough time will soak anything unprotected right down to the skin.

Mallaig harbourMallaig Harbour

So, after lounging around the house for a bit and getting a bit bored, we headed for Mallaig to pass a few hours and to see if our mobiles could pick up a signal and to see if anyone was trying to contact us. We did and no one was, which was good.

We’ve been in Mallaig a few times and we even stayed there for a weekend once but it rained then as well; couldn't see the end of the pier for the downpour. The Hogwarts Express was in town and a ferry had docked as well so it was quite busy with tourists, all milling around and wondering what to do to pass the time in the rain before either their ferry boarded or the train retuned to Fort William.

We dutifully joined in an milled around a bit as well, then went for tea and a scone since everyone else seemed to be doing that as well; okay we like teas and scones, it's a Scottish thing. Anyway, it got us out of the drizzle for a bit and then we picked up some more beer and cider before heading back to Morar.

Loch MorarLoch Morar In The Rain

It was still raining when we got back but I had a stroll down to Loch Morar to see if I could get any photographs of the loch in the drizzle. I'm not convinced they turned out that great but I wandered along to where the loch flows out into the River Morar, where there were some boats tied up and from where I could get a shot of St. Cumin's, with it's unusual round tower and spire.

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