Friday, June 29, 2007

The Silver Sands Of Morar

This was out last full day in Morar so we thought we'd better go and have a walk round the Silver Sands, which is what the area is most famous for. The Silver Sands run all the way from Morar down to Arisaig and have featured in quite a few movie and TV series location shoots. There are also some very good views of the islands of Eigg and Rùm and you can even see the hills on Skye.

The Islands of Eigg and Rùm from the Silver Sands of Morar

We drove round and parked in the car park on the South side of the River Morar estuary and wandered down onto the sands. From there it's a straightforward walk West along the edge of the river mouth, skirting the few rocky outcroppings between the beaches as you go. In theory, you could walk all the way round from Morar to Arisaig but you'd need the tide to be a bit lower than we had it as we got stuck on a highish outcrop, which Lorna didn't fancy descending down from to get to the next beach. It would have meant a bit of hand-over-hand scrambling and she just didn't fancy falling off as it was quite high.

So we backtracked and had lunch and a laze on a nice bit of white beach and then went back to the car and drove round to the Camusdarach car park on the West coast side. From there it's a nice walk through the dunes to the beach, which is one of the best in the area. Anyway, being out for a walk, we headed South along the coast and picked our way from beach to beach until we'd almost got down as far as the Traigh golf course, whic h is where we'd normally end up if coming from the South.

Camusdarach Beach

Another long laze on the sands and then it was time for the walk back up to Camusdarach and back to Morar in time for our tea.

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