Sunday, January 27, 2008

China Buffet King, X-Scape, Braehead, Renfrew

We needed something quick to eat before going to the movies the other night and Lorna fancied a Chinese so, since we'd already tried the Glasgow restaurant, we thought we'd try the China Buffet King in XSpace. I'd much rather have gone to a more traditional Chinese restaurant but CBK is the only Chinese restaurant at XScape.

Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with this one. It's over-large and has the atmosphere of a work canteen with all the associated noise and clamour. It was also very busy with loads of young people filling up cheaply before hitting the nightlife. On a plus side, you do get a good view of the snow slope so you can watch the kids slide, fall and roll down the slope as you eat. On another downside though was the fact that the buffet servery looked like a feeding frenzy at shark island - hordes of hungry diners moving in, grabbing something and then retreating to eat before going back for more.

As for the food, they do have a large range of stuff on offer. Starters and sweets are pretty good, if cheap and cheerful, but the mains are almost all deep fried, battered, covered in MSG laden-sauce (I had a very sore head next day) and high in salt. Great if you like that kind of food but eat it more than occassionally at your own risk.

Unless you're either strapped for cash or in a such a hurry that either the taste of the food or the fact that you're probably damaging your health doesn't bother you, then I'd avoid this place.

Cuisine: Chinese
My Rating: 5/10

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