Monday, February 04, 2008

Camera Trilemma?

I fancy a new lightweight camera for taking on holiday as my Sony DSC-H2 is just too big to lug around the beach, etc. It's not that big for sure and certainly isn't in the bulk and weight league of the more traditional dSLR cameras but it isn't really that portable. I've got a little Sony DSC-P10 but it's getting a bit long in the tooth now.

I had been looking at the small but high-zoom models offered by Panasonic (DMC-TZ3), Sony (DSC-H3) and Canon (PowerShot SX100-IS). Spotted the Sony a few weeks ago and it does look small and neat and I finally got my hands on the Canon at the weekend but it's just isn't small enough. A pity as it's probably the best of the three. The Panasonic is small enough and is a good bit of kit but it's a year old now and only 7.2 megapixels so I was hoping that they'd announce something new around about now but nothing so far. They've all got some pros and cons:
  • The Canon has the better optics and processor and uses AA batteries but it's too big. If I'd wanted a bigger one I'd have gone for the PowerShot G9.
  • The Sony can take extension lenses and filters but has a reputedly awkward menu system and a clunky, detachable lens cap.
  • The Panasonic has a true wide-angle lens but is only 7.2 megapixels and is a year old design.
So, I had just about decided on the DSC-H3 when what do Sony do but announce a replacement for it already. The Sony DSC-H10 is due out in May so that scuppers the buy at the moment. How can I win? I bet come May or before it, Panasonic and/or Canon will have a new model out as well.

...and I want to look for a real dSLR camera soon as well. Grumble...both Nikon and Canon have announced new entry-level modfels in the last week or so as well so I'll have to wait until they're out now as well

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