Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ibanez RG3270 Prestige Bargain

I got a phone call from my son last week, gibbering about a guiter he just had to have because it was a seriously top model and it was going at a knockdown price and could he please borrow the money for it. He was in Merchant City Music in Glasgow so I could get there easily at lunchtime.

Ibanez RG3270 PrestigeIbanex RG 3270 Prestige (Deep Red)

It turned out that it was an Ibanez RG3270, one of their Prestige models although some rate these as J Customs. True enough the price it was going for was low, given that we'd seen it on sale for £1,300 not that long ago but it was now a discontinued model. It's got a flame maple and mahogany body, rosewood fingerboard, Edge Pro bridge, locking tremelo system, DiMarzio PAF Pro pickups in bridge and neck position and a DiMarzio Blue Velvet pickup in the mid position. Still, given that spec and build quality, it's still a stunningly good instrument and a good work through by David on it in the store soon proved that.

So that's the fourth guitar I've bought him out of Merchant City Music so far but I'm hoping I'll get some money off him for this one (fingers crossed).


Paul W said...

just about to buy one of these myself for 720euro mint condition with prestige hardcase ^^ cant friggin wait! used to have a Jem 777VBK but without going back to jems this is the closest setup I can get as my VBK had PAFs and not Evos like the new models. Im not a big fan of the evo's due to the insanely high output,the warmth of a PAF better suits my playing. Any videos of this from your son?

Allan Ogg said...

There are a few clips of him playing what looks like it on a video on their Desert Eagle MySpace page.