Thursday, February 14, 2008

Room 13, The Cathouse, Glasgow

Room 13
My son David's band, Room 13, were performing at The Cathouse in Glasgow last week so we dutifully went along to give some support. Turn out was far better than their last gig in December but then there were six bands performing.

Room 13
Can't really fault them musically and their stage act has improved a bit but they are still very poor at promoting themselves. For example, they never even told the audience their name. They really need to do something about that. Jacqueline videoed them playing their latest track - Shade of Day so here it is…

Of the other bands playing, there were a couple of decent ones. Griever weren't bad - good solid beat and good guiter but their singer was woeful. Sorry to do a Simon Cowell but seriously, don't give up your day job. They were followed by another band called Suicide Underground and they were actually quite good. There was one more but we had to go get a train home so we didn't see them.

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